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ROSS Mediation Services thanks you for allowing us to be a key "instrument for resolution" when your clients have mediation needs.

Today, the mediation choice is essential.  With clients facing a challenging economy and crowded court calendars when attempting to resolve their legal disputes, a successful mediation often proves to be the most cost-effective and common sense path to take for many.

ROSS Mediation Services has been successfully resolving legal disputes with overwhelming consistency and client satisfaction since 1993.  We offer innovative ideas and thoughtful communication skills to parties interested in swiftly reaching intelligent, workable solutions through our expertise in the mediation process.

Our clients include major law firms, banks and lending institutions, businesses and government entities, real estate companies, HOAs, insurance companies, associations and individuals, as well as the courts.

At ROSS Mediation Services, we offer you and your client value-added service, such as:

1) Ease of scheduling process
2) Quick access to the Mediator
3) No administrative fee

4) Post-mediation follow up
5) Reasonable cancellation policy, and
6) Experienced support throughout the mediation process

When you and your clients are seeking the mediation advantage with an expert mediator with years of proactive successful mediation experience, we invite you to call ROSS Mediation Services.


Barry Ross
Certified Mediator

We look forward to helping your resolve your next case!

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