To all participants of the Mediation:                    

Welcome to ROSS Mediation Services.
Thank you for choosing Barry Ross to assist you as your Mediator.  We welcome you to the mediation process. 

Mr. Ross can be scheduled for a mediation by calling ROSS Mediation Services.

Please review the RMS pre-mediation checklist below to help you better prepare for your mediation:

 ROSS Mediation Services Office Locations:

 In California: 

  • ROSS Mediation Services, California is located in Los Angeles County at 155 N. Lake Ave., Suite 800, Pasadena, CA 91101, one block north of Colorado Blvd.
  • Mr. Ross is available for mediations throughout California including locations in Los Angeles County in Century City, Downtown Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel and Santa Clarita Valleys, and Orange, Ventura and San Diego Counties.

  In Texas:

  • ROSS Mediation Services, Texas is located at 5050 Quorum Drive, Suite 700, Dallas, Texas 75254.  Mr. Ross mediates in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area and throughout Texas.

 Please call Mr. Ross's Mediation Scheduling Secretary to schedule a mediation and for further   directions and assistance as needed at (626)531-1131.

Travel Availability:  Your mediation can be held at one of the ROSS Mediation Services offices, or Mr. Ross will travel to another attendee's office.

Day of Mediation:

  • Schedule:  Please leave open your entire day if possible for your mediation so there are no time constraints to our progress.
  • Parking: For mediations held at ROSS Mediation Services - There is no charge for parking in our parking lots.

    If the mediation is being held at another attendee's office, all attendees shall be responsible for their own parking fee and arrangements.
  • Food & Beverage:  Please arrive at least a few minutes prior to the mediation to relax, collect your thoughts, and enjoy a continental breakfast with some fresh orange juice, coffee, tea, bottled water, fruit, muffins, etc.

Mediation Briefs:

  • Although mediation briefs are not mandatory, they are recommended and welcomed.  Please submit your mediation brief as early as possible before mediation, but no later than one full day prior to mediation.  Time incurred reading mediation briefs will be charged as mediation time.  Mediation briefs may be mailed or emailed. 

    Our e-mail address is with a copy sent to Debby, our Case Manager, at

Payment for Mediation:

  • On the day of the mediation, please bring a check made payable to Barry Ross to the mediation session to cover your portion of the mediation fee for that day's session

    Please call our mediation scheduling secretary, Debby, for our taxpayer I.D. number and our fee schedule prior to mediation.  Our fee schedule is listed on this website under the "Fee Schedule" tab.

For additional questions, policy information and schedule changes:

  • Please call our office for further questions or scheduling issues that arise.

"I look forward to meeting you and working with you at mediation!"

-  Barry Ross, Mediator