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Barry, I'm so grateful for what you did in guiding our mediation! We couldn't have settled this dispute without your assistance!
- K.H.

Barry, you did a spectacular job as a mediator! You were a 100% effective! Thank you very much!
- S.S., Esq.

Barry, you have the professionalism, the sensitivity towards the parties, and the knowledge of the subject matter, that make your assistance as a mediator so vital to the resolution process. Another well-done mediation job!
- J.G, Esq.

Barry, the way you communicate and work with people is amazing! I admire your talent for helping people resolve their problems and come out feeling better afterwards!
- A.T.

Barry, I don't know how you did it, but I really appreciate the help you gave us in resolving this dispute! You are amazing! Thank you so much!
- C.S.

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Full-time mediator and ADR specialist, Barry Ross, is one of the country's most highly respected, skilled alternative dispute resolution experts. He has a long history of success in helping ADR participants reach fair, satisfying resolutions to their challenging disputes with consistency in over 2600 successfully mediated cases since 1993.

Mr. Ross is a Certified Mediator, a Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator, Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, and a member of the California and Texas Academies of Distinguished Neutrals, the Association of Attorney-Mediators, the Texas Association of Mediators.  He is the Principal of ROSS Mediation Services and ROSS ADR Services, as well as a member of numerous other mediation and arbitration associations, services and panels.

Mr. Ross was nominated by the California State Bar for its 2013 Real Property Person of the Year Award for his many contributions to the field. Mr. Ross is also an active lecturer, trainer and published author in ADR education. He provides the insight, the tools and the experience to assist parties to get the most benefit from the ADR process. Mr. Ross is consistently called upon by law firms, major banks and lending institutions, businesses and government entities, leading real estate companies, insurance companies, associations and individuals, as well as the courts, to lend his innovative ideas and thoughtful communication skills to parties interested in swiftly reaching intelligent, workable solutions through the ADR process.

Mr. Ross's years of experience in the legal, real estate, finance, business, estate planning, probate and trust fields, coupled with his insightful, creative use of the problem-solving approach to resolution, has brought satisfaction and closure for thousands of dispute resolution participants. Known for his tenacity, quick mind and cognizance of the critical aspects of a dispute, Mr. Ross brings focus, clarity and understanding to the participants . . . indispensible to effective meaningful resolution.

Mr. Ross's relaxed, personable style and natural ability to connect with people help create a safe, supportive environment that allows participants to consider new cognitions and paths to settlement.

Mr. Ross helps participants avoid tedious, time-consuming, expensive litigation with a thoughtful, professional approach to the ADR process - a true advantage considering today's challenging economy and crowded court systems.

We are scheduling our current mediations and arbitrations online.  Our in-person mediations and arbitrations will commence when the stay-at-home order is lifted.

For your next mediation or arbitration, please call Barry Ross at ROSS Mediation Services® at (626)531-1131 for our California ADR services, and call (214) 970-7665 for our Texas ADR services.